Why More Men Than Women Have Thought About Divorcing From Their Partners in 2023

Following the 2008 economic meltdown, Relate discovered that the couples most affected by the recession were eight times more likely to have their relationships fail. January 9 is regarded as “divorce day,” with lawyers and Relate reporting a spike in inquiries, frequently after tensions have risen over the Christmas season and individuals want a fresh start in the new year. According to the study, over one-fifth of people in partnerships (19%) had considered divorce or separation in 2023.


Many couples and families are concerned about their finances, especially when their family income is not keeping up with the rising cost of living. The cost of living can also influence how soon couples at the beginning of a relationship move in together, with some making the leap before they are ready in order to save money on rent and utilities.


If debt problems worsen, the secret may become more difficult to reveal. When the truth is ultimately disclosed, the spouse who was kept in the dark may find it exceedingly difficult to rebuild trust. If starting the discussion with your spouse is tough, we recommend talking about it with a friend or writing it down in a text.


Making an appointment with a relationship counselor can also be beneficial, even if you do it on your own at first. If you’re having problems in your relationship, it’s critical to talk about them and seek help as soon as possible.


It’s crucial for partners to spend quality time together, but some activities, like lunches out or weekends away, come at a cost, as does supplementary childcare. Financial difficulties may also be a concern in households when there is conflict but no one can afford to split. Unresolved parental disputes are more harmful to children’s emotional health than parental separation.


We advise couples to freely discuss financial concerns and ensure that it is a shared burden. In some of the most difficult instances, there have been secrets about the money involved. At times, men may feel obligated to care for their families and deal with financial issues on their own.


Every relationship is unique, but you are the best person to spot warning signs. If your senses tell you that your spouse or partner is considering divorce, separation, or cheating, trust them. There are signs that a partner is cheating or thinking about separation or divorce, especially if they are very different from how they usually act.


Clear answers regarding your partner’s activities and whereabouts can give you peace of mind. We help build strong cases for divorce, child custody, alimony, and child support.


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