• Private Investigator Ottawa

  • Discreet Investigations & Security is proud to offer our services to the residents of our nation’s capital. If you’re looking for a private investigator in the Ottawa region, we can help. We are your trusted private investigators operating in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Our knowledge, experience and training to ensure you get the information you need quickly and discreetly – and with it, peace of mind.  We are number one in the industry for a reason.

    Ottawa’s #1 Private Investigators

    Discreet Investigations employs only the best Investigators in the private investigation and surveillance industry. Our team is comprised of Retired Police Officers, Corporate Investigators, Ex - Military Personnel and has its own Legal Department specializing in Family Law, Separation Agreements, Divorce Representation, Custody Issues and Real Estate.

    Our wide range of expertise and backgrounds has led us to become Ottawa’s go-to private investigators. Our clients trust us to provide them with answers while maintaining 100% confidentiality. When someone in Ottawa needs help with a child custody matter, a cheating spouse, locating a missing person, skip tracing or a background check, James Glanville and his team provide no-nonsense, straight forward results.

    Call now: +1 (855)-434-5558 or contact us by email. All inquiries are strictly confidential.

    What Separates a Great Private Investigator from a Good one?

    A good private investigator simply collects information on a case, but a great one knows how to deal with people, especially those who are often dealing with stressful issues. Knowledge, training and expertise are only the beginning of what makes our private investigators great. We focus on our clients’ well-being, and that is what sets us apart from the rest.

    The Importance of Hiring Licenced and Accredited Private Investigators

    When hiring a private investigator, it’s crucial to ensure they are licensed and accredited. In Ottawa and surrounding areas, there are many so-called private investigators that provide sub-standard service, which is why it is your responsibility to trust your case to an established, proven agency like Discreet Investigations & Security.

    We are currently retained on a variety of cases, including:

    • Cheating spouses and infidelity
    • Employee theft and fraud
    • Missing persons/ Skip tracing
    • Background checks
    • WSIB/insurance fraud
    • Child custody cases
    • Divorce cases
    • Sexual harassment/stalking

    Our expertise ensures we gather crucial intelligence on any case we work on, while our unparalleled commitment to excellence ensures customer satisfaction.  We are the best in the business.  Our client reviews speak for themselves.

    Hire our Ottawa Investigators today and get the results you need: +1 (855)-434-5558