Discreet Investigations is a well-known and highly regarded private investigation agency in London, Ontario, with a team of skilled professionals and experience of over 30 years. We work closely with you to understand your needs and expectations to plan out effective and affordable investigations. We also guarantee 100% confidentiality because your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

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Our investigation and surveillance teams consist of private investigators who have worked in law enforcement, the armed forces, IT and internet security. We also work with law firms in and around London, to provide our clients with legal insight and conduct smarter investigations into matters of cheating spouses, criminal behavior, divorce, separation, child custody issues, real estate, and wills and probate.

We believe in conducting efficient and lawful investigations

Our London private investigators are trained extensively to collect all types of evidential data: photographic, audio-visual, internet browsing activity and behavioral data. We ensure that our investigations are conducted lawfully and with meticulous attention to detail. We record and log evidence with care and provide detailed reports. Whether you book a consultation via phone, our website or email, rest assured your privacy will be protected and all communication will be strictly confidential.

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We make use of state of the art surveillance techniques that have set the bar in the industry. The methods followed by us are professional and accurate to ensure you get the answers you desire. Contact us for exceptional and unmatched service provided by trained professionals with years of experience in the field.

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Cheating Spouse

Find out if your spouse, common law partner or live-in-partner is having an affair. Get peace of mind from clear answers about your partner’s activities and whereabouts. We help build ironclad divorce, alimony, child custody and child support cases.

Child Custody

Find out if your ex is harming your child or planning on fleeing jurisdiction. Fight your partner’s illusion of the ‘good parent’ and save children from becoming a bargaining chip. We help parents protect their child’s mental, physical and religious safety.

Insurance Investigation

Don’t become a victim of staged accidents, false statements and fraud in insurance claims. Get the hard evidence that can prevent opportunistic insurance fraud. We work with insurers, law firms and claims adjusters for all personal and business insurance defence.

Skip Tracing / Missing Person

Find persons who have gone missing intentionally or unintentionally. We use cutting-edge investigative techniques to locate missing persons and assets in Canada. We work with lawyers, debt collectors, insurers, executors of estate and individuals.

Law Firm Support

Build stronger cases and help your clients make more informed decisions with hard evidence. We are court recognized experts and registered with the Ontario Solicitor General - Private Security and Investigative Services Branch. Seamless litigation support and intelligence for family, civil and commercial matters.

Surveillance Services

Get the accurate, detailed and reliable answers you need. We collect photographic, video, audio, internet, documentary and location information through intelligent surveillance. Concrete evidence from physical and electronic surveillance.

Corporate investigations

Empower yourself with clear information and actionable insight before M&As, business deals and strategic recruitment. Probe and penalize internal conduct. Cost-effective investigation and counter surveillance that helps protect your interests.

Espionage and bug sweeps

Has your home, office or vehicle been bugged? Is your phone carrying spyware? Is someone spying on your digital and physical activity? Is someone taping your personal conversations? Do they know where you have been or where you are going without you disclosing that information? Toronto’s highest regarded counter-surveillance specialists will give you the answers.

Social media & internet investigations

Find digital breadcrumbs that reveal activity, behavior, income and property. Achieve better outcomes in divorce, alimony, child custody, worker compensation, insurance, harassment and other cases. Get evidence from deep social media and internet investigations that are admissible in court.
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We have carefully formed a group of investigators with years of practical experience. It is why we conduct more effective investigations and in a timely manner. Our experience also allows us to give you realistic expectations, instead of implausible predictions, with respect to the result of the investigations.


We believe in only working with experienced professionals and top investigators in London. Many of our private investigators are former law enforcement officials with years of experience investigating homicides, drug crimes, gun violence, gang violence, organized and unorganized crimes.


You are guaranteed complete confidentiality and effective investigations conducted by some of the best investigators in London.

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How much does it cost to hire a private investigator in London, Ontario?

Whether you are inquiring about surveillance Services, skip tracing, or investigation a spouse, it is important that you make sure you hire an  experienced private investigator in London, Ontario.

In this industry, cheap prices mean corners have been cut, and you are dealing with inexperienced or unqualified investigators. This could put you at risk, whether you need to be discreet, or have admissible evidence in court.

There are a handful of private investigation agencies in London that do not have the necessary qualifications, or experience.

Before diving straight in to price, ask your investigation agency their qualifications, experience, and evidence that they have successfully entered into a court case.

Is it legal to videotape someone?

Is it legal to videotape someone?

Ontario law makes it illegal to covertly record oral communications between two or more people without the consent of at least one of the individuals involved. If, however, you choose to record video without any audio input, you may be allowed to do so. Case in point are private investigators, acting on someone else’s behalf.

Similarly, it is illegal to intercept private communications between two or more individuals by use of electronic devices or other means, like spying software and apps. The maximum punishment for intentional interception of communication is incarceration of up to 5 years and a $5,000 fine.

It is legal to intercept private communications if there is no sound involved. For example, it is perfectly legal to photograph or film people if they are interacting in a place open to public view.

Is it legal to record a conversation, tape a call, or ‘bug’ a telephone?

Is it legal to record a conversation, tape a call, or ‘bug’ a telephone?

Secretly recording communications between two or more people is illegal, unless you have the explicit consent of at least one of the individuals, or if you are one of the parties involved.

The law applies if you use an electronic device or other means of intercepting private communications. The police and other government agents are also subjected to the same laws. If they wish to spy on the private communications between two or more people, they must obtain prior authorization from a judge via a warrant.

Cellphone conversations are included in the definition of communications.

What constitutes stalking?

What constitutes stalking?

Stalking is also known in legal parlance as “criminal harassment” and includes conduct like:

  • Repeatedly following a specific person or people connected to that individual
  • Constant attempts of maintaining communication with a specific person or other people known to that individual
  • Watching the property or dwelling space of a person
  • Threatening conduct aimed at a specific person

Repeated stalking causes another person to fear for their safety and is not prohibited under Ontario law. Punishment for stalking can be up to 10 years, and possibly more if there are prior injunctions barring contact, such as a restraining order.

Rules and regulations for private investigators

Rules and regulations for private investigators

The private investigation industry falls under the regulations of the Ontario Solicitor General – Private Security and Investigative Services Branch. The laws set the foundation for rules and regulations as well as a code of conduct that private investigators must adhere to.

In order to become a private investigator, an individual must possess a valid licence and carry it with them while on duty. If they are ever stopped, they must use that to identify themselves.

A private investigator cannot carry any other symbol of authority, such as a badge, or pretend to be an agent of the government. They are not allowed to make an arrest or refer to themselves as a detective, officer, or any other term that may signify that they are a member of a law enforcement body.

Under the terms of the Ontario Solicitor General – Private Security and Investigative Services Branch, a private investigator must act professionally at all times and treat everyone with respect, integrity, and honesty. They are not allowed to use excessive force or engage in abusive language. Furthermore, they must not drink on the job or be under the influence of drugs.

In the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, an individual’s right to privacy is enshrined in law. The law protects them against “unreasonable search or seizure”, and private investigators must comply with all the tenets of the law, too. Therefore, it is illegal for private investigators to enter someone’s property without authorization or remain on a property if the authorization has been revoked. Wiretapping without individual consent or before obtaining a warrant is also prohibited.

Types of investigations that private investigators are legally allowed to do

Types of investigations that private investigators are legally allowed to do

After acquiring a private investigation license, an individual is allowed to:

  • conduct background checks
  • obtain and provide information on the business character or kind of business or occupation of a person
  • search for offenders against the law
  • search for missing persons
  • search for missing property.

In many cases, private investigators are hired to find persons who are missing, because they owe or are owed money to an individual or a company based on a court order, they are part of a criminal investigation, they are party in a court case, or they cannot be found.

Private investigators can also be used to find missing property and assets, conduct background checks, and assist in child custody investigations.

Legally, a private investigator can use a myriad of research tools to assist their investigation. These include:

  • witness statements
  • video surveillance
  • GPS when authorized
  • Photographs
  • personal observations

Private investigators often conduct their surveillance at public places such as shopping malls, recreation centers, sport arenas, and more. They also rely on public sources of information for their research, such as:

  • Public databases and internet searches to uncover telephone numbers, addresses, and employment information
  • Public libraries to find old newspapers for information
  • Personal Property Security Registration searches to identify a lien associated with an individual or business
  • Bankruptcy records, divorce records, and land registry databases and corporate searches to conduct background inquiries.

A private investigator must never impersonate law enforcement or represent themselves as a government agent. They cannot legally make an arrest, wiretap conversations without proper authorization, or trespass on private property.

Can private investigators carry a badge, gun or other weapon?

Can private investigators carry a badge, gun or other weapon?

Private investigators are allowed to carry firearms under specific situations. Section 20 of the federal Firearms Act covers this in more detail, but broadly speaking there are 2 situations where it is allowed:

  • If the life of the private investigator is under threat
  • If the private investigator has additional duties such as transporting cash or other valuable items

Other prohibited weapons such as tear gas, mace, or tasers are not allowed to be carried by private investigators. Batons, handcuffs, and other restraints are not considered to be prohibited weapons and may be carried, however they must always be concealed from view.

Are private investigators required to be insured?

Are private investigators required to be insured?

Private investigation agencies are required by law to carry general liability insurance. Ontario Solicitor General – Private Security and Investigative Services Branch, the law regulating the private investigation industry, mandates that the minimum general liability insurance requirement for private investigation agencies is $2,000,000.

Some private investigators also choose to carry out additional insurance, known as Errors and Omissions, or E&O, insurance. E&O insurance protects businesses if they are sued by a client who suffered financial losses or damages as a result of the investigator’s errors, omissions or negligent acts while conducting business.

How to choose a private investigator

How to choose a private investigator

Here are a few factors you should consider when choosing a private investigator:

1.  Is the investigator licensed?

Investigators must be licensed to provide private investigation services and you must insist on documentation that proves their legality.

Licenses are issued by the Ontario Solicitor General – Private Security and Investigative Services Branch, which is the Ministry responsible for overseeing the private investigation industry.  You’re able to verify someone’s licence status by checking the online Private Security and Investigative Services Licence Registry.

2.  Does the private investigation agency carry General Liability Insurance?

An agency or individual contractor must show proof that they have a minimum of $2,000,000 in general liability insurance coverage. Before hiring an agency, you can ask to see proof that the agency’s insurance policy has been maintained.

3.  Is the private investigator experienced in the type of investigation you need?

Investigators conduct a range of services, including:

  • background checks
  • employee fraud investigations
  • finding missing persons
  • child custody investigations
  • domestic dispute investigations

Ask the potential investigator questions like how many years of experience they have, whether they can provide you with references, what their services cost, and what their previous job was.

Discreet investigations has been in business for 30 years and are experienced with both criminal, civil, family, and child investigations. We have the most experienced investigators that come from police backgrounds, and work with the top criminal and family lawyers in Ontario. Discreet Investigations sets the bar for standards in the Private Investigations industry.

Are Professional Private Investigators Licensed?

In order to operate as a private investigator in Canada, you must possess a current licence and be affiliated with an authorized agency. Make sure the person you engage is representing a licenced agency by asking them to provide you with the proper identification.

Who Regulates Private Investigators?

The Ontario Solicitor General – Private Security and Investigative Services Branch, which encompasses all Private Investigators and Agencies, all Security Guards, and registry employees who directly hire in-house security personnel, is governed by the Ontario Solicitor General – Private Security and Investigative Services Branch.

Can Evidence Provided By A Private Investigator Be Used In Court?

Private investigators may occasionally be asked to provide evidence gathered during their investigation. It is essential that they take thorough notes and gather all available evidence using legal and moral means. You are in excellent hands with us because our team of private investigators in London have successfully presented evidence in a variety of court cases.

Can Discreet Investigations Testify in Court?

Often times people hire a London private investigator to help with a court case with the purpose of presenting evidence. Discreet investigations uses legal and ethical methods to obtain evidence. Our investigators have presented evidence in many court cases such as:

  • child custody
  • fraud
  • employee investigations
  • theft
  • domestic abuse

Is it Legal To Use a GPS on Someone's Vehicle?

Although there is no law against purchasing a GPS device, there are laws regarding the utilization of  such devices.

If a GPS device is used inappropriately, you may be subject to fines, and or criminal charges. We only use GPS devices under lawful circumstances.

If you are looking to surveil someone and want to know if it is lawful, contact us for a free consultation.

Will You Share Any of My Information?

Any reputable, and professional Private Investigation Agency you hire is not going to share your information to anyone without your full consent because it is a conflict of interest. However, there are very rare circumstances such as a court order that can request the evidence that the private investigator has collected.

Do you provide legal advice?

We are not a Law Firm and do not offer legal advice.
However, we work very closely with the top law firms across Canada and can often times connect you with someone who will get you the answers you need.
Private Investigators and lawyers work very closely together, and it is common for a lawyer to refer their client to a private investigator, and vise versa.


Criminals & civil laws vary from province to province, you should always check with your local authorities and courts regarding the current laws pertaining to these situations. Discreet Investigations is not liable for any advice or information provided on this website.

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