Discreet Investigations is an established private investigation agency in Hamilton, with experience of over 30 years. Speak freely to our investigators because confidentiality is 100% guaranteed. We believe in working with our clients to chalk out investigations that are comprehensive and affordable.

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Our investigation and surveillance teams include former members of the armed forces, ex-police officers, IT specialists and cyber security experts, which allows us to conduct holistic. We also work with law firms throughout Hamilton to provide our clients with requisite knowledge and insight into topics such as criminal law, real estate conflicts, family law, divorce and separation agreements, divorce representation, child custody conflicts, personal wills and probate.

Our experienced professionals couple diligence with accountability

Experienced investigation and surveillance specialists procure, record and report evidential data. Our teams record and submit regular, detailed reports on audio-video data, photographic data, internet activity-related data, and even intangible aspects such behavioral data, along with the original evidence. We also work hard to ensure that our investigations are conducted lawfully. We understand the importance and sensitivity of the information you share with us and guarantee our clients 100% confidentiality whether they contact us via phone, email or our website.

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We make use of state of the art surveillance techniques that have set the bar in the industry. The methods followed by us are professional and accurate to ensure you get the answers you desire. Contact us for exceptional and unmatched service provided by trained professionals with years of experience in the field.

(100% Confidentiality Guaranteed)

Cheating Spouse

Find out if your spouse, common law partner or live-in-partner is having an affair. Get peace of mind from clear answers about your partner’s activities and whereabouts. We help build ironclad divorce, alimony, child custody and child support cases.

Child Custody

Find out if your ex is harming your child or planning on fleeing jurisdiction. Fight your partner’s illusion of the ‘good parent’ and save children from becoming a bargaining chip. We help parents protect their child’s mental, physical and religious safety.

Insurance Investigation

Don’t become a victim of staged accidents, false statements and fraud in insurance claims. Get the hard evidence that can prevent opportunistic insurance fraud. We work with insurers, law firms and claims adjusters for all personal and business insurance defence.

Skip Tracing / Missing Person

Find persons who have gone missing intentionally or unintentionally. We use cutting-edge investigative techniques to locate missing persons and assets in Canada. We work with lawyers, debt collectors, insurers, executors of estate and individuals.

Law Firm Support

Build stronger cases and help your clients make more informed decisions with hard evidence. We are court recognized experts and registered with the Ontario Solicitor General - Private Security and Investigative Services Branch. Seamless litigation support and intelligence for family, civil and commercial matters.

Surveillance Services

Get the accurate, detailed and reliable answers you need. We collect photographic, video, audio, internet, documentary and location information through intelligent surveillance. Concrete evidence from physical and electronic surveillance.

Corporate investigations

Empower yourself with clear information and actionable insight before M&As, business deals and strategic recruitment. Probe and penalize internal conduct. Cost-effective investigation and counter surveillance that helps protect your interests.

Espionage and bug sweeps

Has your home, office or vehicle been bugged? Is your phone carrying spyware? Is someone spying on your digital and physical activity? Is someone taping your personal conversations? Do they know where you have been or where you are going without you disclosing that information? Toronto’s highest regarded counter-surveillance specialists will give you the answers.

Social media & internet investigations

Find digital breadcrumbs that reveal activity, behavior, income and property. Achieve better outcomes in divorce, alimony, child custody, worker compensation, insurance, harassment and other cases. Get evidence from deep social media and internet investigations that are admissible in court.
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Our investigators have amassed years of practical experience and are proficient in giving our clients realistic expectations from any investigative process. Moreover, we believe that maintaining with our clients is crucial for successful professional association.


We believe in working only with top-tier professionals in Hamilton, who can do justice to our clients’ cases. Many of our specialists are ex-law enforcement personnel and have several years of experience in investigating cases of homicide, robberies, gun violence, gang violence and even organized crimes.


  • Cheating spouses and infidelity
  • Employee theft and fraud
  • Missing persons/ Skip tracing
  • Background checks
  • WSIB/insurance fraud
  • Child custody cases
  • Divorce cases
  • Sexual harassment/stalking

With Discreet Investigations you are guaranteed complete client confidentiality as well as a dedicated and diligent team of professional investigators.

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