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  • If you’re looking to hire someone for a job, it’s your responsibility to ensure that they are not only able to perform their duties, but that they also don’t pose any kind of security or liability threat. Hiring someone without performing a pre-employment background check poses a potential threat not only to you, your coworkers and customers but also to the company itself.

    While most applicants will be honest individuals, it is not worth it to put your blind trust in everyone you interview. With today’s technology, it is easy to create a false resume. Armed with false references and practiced interview skills, an applicant could seem like a great prospective employee. However, they could be hiding a criminal record or other personal aspects which could harm your business.

    Thankfully, you don’t have to be in the dark when it comes to hiring trustworthy individuals for your business. That’s where pre-employment background checks come in. They are a great tool that will arm you with useful knowledge when making your hiring decisions.

    How We Can Help

    At Discreet Investigations, we conduct detailed pre-employment background checks to ensure your potential employees are properly vetted.

    We have extensive experience conducting these pre-employment screenings for both large and small corporations. We help companies protect their assets and ensure the integrity and truthfulness of their employees.

    The scope of our pre-employment screening service goes well beyond a simple background check. Through a complete pre-employment screening, we can determine the truthfulness of a variety of claims, from a person’s education to details about their identity.

    By performing a pre-employment screening, we can help you answer the following important questions:

    • Does the person’s true identity match their claims?
    • Do they have a criminal record, including larceny or embezzlement?
    • Do they appear in the sex offender registry?
    • Do their education and previous employment records match their claims?
    • Do they have a problematic credit history?

    What Makes Us Stand Out from the Rest

    Other investigators use databases as their main source of information for background checks, but Discreet Investigations’ private investigators have found that databases do not provide the most up-to-date and accurate information.

    We always go right to the source and run our checks at the courthouse. We have a network of researchers around the country that can provide us with up-to-date accurate records, which gives our clients the exact information they are looking for.

    Get the Facts You Need to Make the Right Decision

    A pre-employment background check is a great tool for both individuals and companies to know exactly who they are dealing with. It will help bring you peace of mind, knowing that you can trust your employees with sensitive information, valuable inventory, or vulnerable clients such as children or the elderly.

    Discreet Investigations can provide accurate information at reasonable rates, and all our investigators work is overseen by owner and Toronto private investigator James Glanville.

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