Press Release: City Council Candidate

RALEIGH, NC A candidate for City Council At Large, marched with citizens in downtown today to encourage the Raleigh City Council to #SaveThePatios. Ralph joined citizens from around Raleigh that care about small businesses and their ability to compete in the Raleigh marketplace.

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The march was in response to a proposed ban would only allow downtown businesses that receive 30% percent of it's revenue from food sales to allow it's customers to use the outdoor patio areas. If the proposal we're to pass, it would undercut revenue from the establishments that either do not serve food or do not serve enough food to keep their sidewalk permits.

This proposal is just bad policy. It would hurt our small businesses Raleigh and discourages new business from opening in the downtown area, said Craig Ralph. The Raleigh City Council should be searching for solutions to pay off the $1 billion debt that the city has instead of making it harder for our small businesses to thrive.

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