Livermore, CA is located in Alameda County and has a population nearing 100,000. Livermore is located in the most eastern part of the Bay Area, adjacent with California's Central Valley. Livermore is best known for it's laboratories and vineyards, which employ thousands. Workplace injuries can be devastating and long term. Industrial and agricultural accidents are numerous in California and include multiple deaths every year.

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Livermore's biggest employer is a lab, and the wine industry of Livermore Valley is growing at a rapid rate. Work-related injuries can be acquired long-term or during a traumatic event. Injuries can result from faulty equipment, poor safety management, or repetitive motion such as lifting. Burn injuries can be incurred in a work environment can be life-threatening. Whatever the cause of your on-the-job injury, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Please seek advice if you have been hurt at work in Livermore.

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