Toronto city officials are considering laying charges

Toronto city officials are considering laying charges for a backed-up sewer that spewed human waste linked to World Youth Day into a retail complex in North York.

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A memo released yesterday from Mike Price, the city's manager of works and emergency services, states the city is investigating the incident and may lay charges under it's sewer use bylaw, which carries a maximum fine of $10,000 and six months in jail if the fine isn't paid. The city, however, says it's not responsible for the flooding, caused by plastic bags and a raincoat found in a sewer on city property.

City officials say the material was probably dumped into a manhole on a sewer connection installed by the Department of National Defence.

The clog caused more than $1 million in damage to businesses at 1100 Sheppard Ave. W. and may bankrupt Paragon Billiards owner Jack Herman, whose insurance didn't cover it.

City officials monitored the controlled dumping of waste from portable toilets at three sanitary sewage locations, none linked to where the block occurred, the memo says.

Councillor Peter Li Preti (Ward 8, York West) said last night the investigation is focusing on sewage dumped into a sewer on federal land. "We're looking at whoever illegally dumped the portable toilets. The problems came from sewers on federal lands that are not controlled by the city."

The memo says the fourth location, a sanitary sewer on Yukon Lane, discharges into the municipal system on Kodiak Crescent which is used by the Idomo retail property.

World Youth Day officials have confirmed waste disposal did occur at the Yukon site, but insisted it was approved by Downsview Park officials.

A park official hotly denied the claim Wednesday, saying Downsview never gave Youth Day organizers the right to use the Yukon site and was unaware dumping took place there.

"We never approved use of the site because we don't have jurisdiction over it- it's not ours to give," said Tony Genco, vice- president of public affairs at Downsview Park.

Youth Day organizers said Monday they didn't know how many companies we're subcontracted by the two waste disposal firms hired for Sunday's mass, which drew 800,000.

Li Preti said the city "does have ideas" about which company dumped sewage into Yukon Lane, but it's too early to release the name.

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