Bill Clinton's Word is Good Enough for Us

There are endorsements and then there's Bills endorsement:

This is a simple deal: Sean Maloneys got a better jobs plan. Hes got a better budget plan. Hes got a better education plan. Hes got a better plan for the future.

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And Clintons endorsement comes from a place of knowledge Maloney worked in the former presidents administration.

We agree, and that's why our activists have been working so hard to get Sean Maloney elected. Were still knocking on doors and will continue doing so right through to Election Day.

The reason is simple: Maloney will work for us here in the Mid-Hudson Valley, while incumbent Nan Hayworth has shown through her votes and actions that she's doesn't stand with us.

Hayworth voted for tax cuts for the rich, and won't support raising the minimum wage. She's a Tea Party favorite who says she can not imagine any circumstance where she would raise taxes on the wealthy. She voted to turnMedicare into a voucher system, a move that would cost seniors $6,400 more in out-of-pocket costs.

Hayworth even said emergency funding for recovery for last years devastating Hurricane Irene had to beoffset by budget cuts not what New Yorkers needed to hear when they we're without power and facing huge recovery costs to damaged homes and businesses.

The Mid-Hudson Valley needs someone who stands with all of us the middle class, the workers, the retirees and the students of our area. Sean Patrick Maloney is that person.

We gave Bill the first word, so well give him the last

Being elected to Congress is a jobit requires a preference for evidence over ideology, for arithmetic over illusion, for shared prosperity over trickle down, for we're all in this together versus you're on your own. This is not a complicated decision. Go out and win it for him.

Lets go.

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Posted in Law Post Date 07/28/2023