• Whether your loved one has disappeared, a suspect has gone into hiding, or anyone else has seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth, Discreet Investigations is here to find them. As a private investigation company, we excel in tracking down and finding people even if they employ the most elaborate and complex means of throwing a pursuer off their trail. On some occasions a disappeared loved one or suspect reappears on their own, but don’t count on it. In all cases it is a good idea to call a private investigator to be safe. Below are some specific times when it is particularly best to call a private investigator.


    Missing Persons and Police Policy

    Police are trained professionals and experts in solving crime within the confines of the law and protocol. However, this also means that they cannot launch an investigation towards a missing persons case until the person has officially been gone under unusual and/or suspicious circumstances for more than a certain period of time, usually at least 24 hours. In a missing persons case, every second counts. The longer one waits to start looking, the harder it will be to find the person. Do not hesitate or wait when someone needs to be found. Call a private investigator to start looking right away.

    The Benefits of Undercover Experience

    A private investigation agency will have agents that know how to be subtle, to be inconspicuous, and to be casual when approaching someone who does not want to be found. A private investigator answers to you, the client, and can follow specific instructions on what to do when the person is found. For example, they can speak to the person and ask them to return, or they can leave the person unaware they have been found and simply let their client know the whereabouts of the no-longer-missing person

    The decision to hire a private investigator when you need to find someone guarantees your peace of mind, knowing that a professional – someone whose life’s work is finding people – will make sure your missing person is found.