Legal Advice for Divorce Proceedings

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Aside from private investigations, Discreet Investigations has a legal department that is well versed in divorce and family issues, business, real estate and civil litigation. This means, we are well equipped to work with a range of cases to provide sound advice, strategies and solutions. Our legal advice comes from a network of law firms and is crucial in knowing how to proceed particularly when it comes to divorce issues. Here are some of the most crucial times to seek out legal advice during a divorce.

Hidden Assets

Divorce proceedings don’t always go smoothly and depending on the situation and who is involved, it can really bring the worst out of people. Hidden assets or money is one of the most popular illegal divorce tactics. Many people face situations where income has been underreported, items have been hidden, or when money has been stashed away. It is always shocking and upsetting to learn about this and can be very overwhelming to uncover this information on your own. Having sound legal advice will ensure that you get full spousal support payments and child payments so that justice is served.

Money Issues

Money is one of the main reasons for dirty divorces. If your partner was bad with money, their bad practices could be dragged into the divorce. When it comes to mortgage payments, the bank goes after the spouse that has money, leaving room for the culprit to get away without paying their share and leaving the innocent to pick up the tab, like moving costs etc This debt can leave you with bad credit rating and the inability to borrow money in the future.

There are many cases where spending money is done out of spite too — which can be driven by many circumstances like jealously of a new relationship. If you’re caught in a situation where money is exiting out of your account quickly or charges are piling up on the credit card – you’ll want to seek legal advice immediately to determine the best course of action.

Working with law professionals can really make a difference to the outcome of your divorce situation. Read our testimonials to see how Discreet Investigations has played a helpful role of many lives and get in touch with us with any inquiries you may have.

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