• In an ideal world, two people would fall in love, get married, have children and raise them in a loving home. In reality, a relationship is much more complex than that, and oftentimes couples get divorced or separated. When they do, the children are often affected more than either of the partners. Although many couples amicably decide on equal custody where the child spends time with both parents, there are still many custodial battles that rage in court. You might be wondering how a private investigator can help in child custody proceedings. Here’s how:


    How is custody determined?

    Of course, custody is first up to the parents of the children if they can decide without the court intervening. If both are of sound character, then the court will not impose its will. However, in the case that the parents cannot decide the court will weigh the evidence and decide what is in the best interest of the children. Some factors that are considered are:

    • Parental work schedule
    • Parental character history
    • Financial stability
    • Living situation
    • There are still many more factors to be considered before custody is determined.

    How can a private investigator help?

    Sadly, determining custody is often a long battle that will involve arguments from both sides. We hope this can be avoided. A private investigator can help by conducting investigations of your ex’s time with the child to ensure that they are providing a safe and healthy environment for them. For example, if they are getting involved with drugs, drinking, gambling, or other risk behaviours, or if they are driving recklessly or otherwise putting the child in harm’s way, a private investigator can find out about it. Many parents fight for custody simply to spite the other parent and care little for the child. We want to make sure this doesn’t happen.

    How else can you help?

    The extent of services doesn’t just end at basic surveillance. We can also offer other services to help you make sure that your child is safe and sound. A few are as follows:

    • Background checks – there can still be a lot that you don’t know about your partner even after years of being together. Many people have pasts that are shrouded in mystery. We can conduct background checks to help you get a better idea of who they really are. If they turn out to be of poor character, then we can help shed light on this in the court room.
    • Interviews – we can conduct professional and court-admissible interviews of relatives, acquaintances, or professional contacts to help strengthen your position in a legal battle. It could be friends, relatives, doctors, teachers, or anyone of sound character that can help you.
    • Child support enforcement – many parents skip out on child support and attempt to hide money. We can make sure that this doesn’t happen by collecting evidence to help the court enforce collection. Don’t go through the emotional exhaustion that this situation can pose.
    • Divorce is a very difficult process, but it is important to remember that your children are your foremost priority in life and it is even more difficult on them. We wish that all separations could be amicable and for the kids to grow up with two loving parents, but we know that this isn’t always the case. A private investigator can help during a child custody battle in many different ways. Get the best in the business and help ensure that your child gets the life that they deserve. Contact Discreet Investigations today.