Hackers Release Data from Notorious Cheating Website

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It’s sad to know that some of the largest and most profitable sites on the web are dedicated to people looking to cheat on their spouse. Not only is it disturbing that people turn to the internet for this, but it is also telling of a greater trend in society. Although infidelity as we know it has been around since the beginning of marriage, new technologies have made it easier for people to go astray. Here is some more startling news from the recent hack of Ashley Madison.

37 Million

Yes, 37 million people’s names were exposed in the hack. It is both satisfying to know that they were given their comeuppance, but also scary to think that so many people around the world were involved in this. And this is only one website. People named were everything from normal, everyday citizens to high-ranking members of religious groups or political organizations. This shows that infidelity is rampant in all walks of life.

All Walks of Life

In keeping with the diversity of the people named, it goes as deep as UN peacekeeping employees, civil servants, and workers at the Vatican. Even people from prestigious institutions like Harvard and Yale. This shows that anyone could be looking to have an affair, and that anyone could be a victim. Don’t let yourself be fooled. Always remain diligent. If your partner is looking to cheat, then chances are that they aren’t right for you anyway, but it is always better to be aware of this and rid of them than it is to be duped.

Married Men

The majority of those named were married men. Although marital affairs are common from both sexes, this is probably due to the fact that the website was heavily reliant on pictures and other physically-related elements of sex. Men are more attracted to this, and they engage in affairs more often because of this. If you are suspecting your husband of cheating, then it might not be just in the real-world. It could also be digital.

The Ashley Madison hack has exposed more than people’s names, it has exposed a greater problem in society. We as people have difficulty in finding satisfaction from just one person. That is why it is so important for us to wait for marriage until we are sure about the person we marrying. If you suspect your spouse of cheating, Discreet Investigations can help you get the truth.

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