Finding Your Runaway Child

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If you have a runaway child, you are probably feeling utterly overwhelmed. In the case of runaway children, police action is limited in many circumstances. Your child’s situation may prevent the police from devoting their full attention to the case, especially if your child is over 12 and they think that your child is not in danger.

If you have a runaway child, there are options available to you.

Even if the police are not able to devote their full resources to your child, you can hire a trusted private investigator. Situations where the police may not make your child a priority:

  • Your child is over 12 years of age.
  • Your child has not been threatened and shows no signs of being suicidal.
  • Your child does not have special needs that make him or her especially vulnerable.
  • Your child appears to be continuing contact with friends or other family members, whether in person or through electronic devices.

The police are overwhelmed and understaffed. If they do not believe that your child is serious danger, they may not explore all the avenues necessary to find your child.

If you believe that you need private help to find your child, Discreet Investigations can help. We have the resources, motivation, and discretion necessary to reunite you with your child. We can devote our full attention to your case, regardless of the circumstances surrounding your child’s departure. Don’t wait: every moment that you wait to find your child is a moment where they may experience harm. Discreet Investigations can perform a full investigation, including physical and electronic searches. We have the training and experience to discover the smallest details that are relevant to your child’s disappearance. Call us today to find out what services we can offer you and your family.

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