• Divorces Due to Social Media on the Rise

  • Social media has changed the way the world works. Not only has it changed how we interact, purchase goods, consume entertainment, and advertise, but it has even changed the nature of human relationships. In the past, we did not have consistent access to conversations with one another discretely – distance and society simply made it impossible to talk to so many people without others knowing. Sadly, this has given cheaters a new avenue for being unfaithful as is evidenced by the number of divorces arising from social media interactions.

    A rising tide

    According to legal studies, several thousand divorces were filed citing social media as a reason. This means that a couple decided to untie the knot because one of the people met someone on a network or that they somehow cheated or orchestrated cheating via social media. This is truly unsettling not just because of how widespread it is but because of how simple it is. Clicking a photo and sending a message discretely is much easier than arranging a meeting. This makes it much more appealing.

    The methods

    There are numerous ways to use social media for cheating. Some have said that affairs have started with a “poke” on Facebook. Others say it is because of messages and flirting via chat. While still others have said that their spouses found old love interests and rekindled the flame. It is easy to see why so many divorces have happened which causes a of grief for all parties, unneeded stresses of having to hire a moving company like: ADT Demengament Montreal and much more.

    What to do

    Sadly, it seems as though there isn’t much you can do except trust your spouse. If you do catch them, then be done with them or forgive them and work through it. If they want to cheat, then they will find a way. The only problem here is that social media has made cheating so much more accessible.

    Those who might not have done it simply because they didn’t want to get caught will now have a way to do so. You might be tempted to want access to your partner’s social media, but this can backfire as it could be construed as suspicious or overbearing. Hiring an investigator to set the record straight is a viable option if you are suspicious.

    Social media has not only changed the way that we live our lives – it has changed the way that people begin affairs. The ease of access has made cheating a viable option in ways never before known. If you believe that your partner is cheating on you, then contact us. We can help get to the bottom of things in the right way.