• Biography

  • For over 30 years Mr. James M. Glanville has been protecting families and individuals around the Globe. James is a certified Protection Specialist as well as a Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Expert. Over his career he has worked with World Leaders, Royal Families, Fortune 500 CEO's, Professional Athletes and the Hollywood Elite. He has trained with the United States Secret Service and is also a Graduate from Globe Risk Institute under the Director, Mr. Alan Bell, Canada's counter terrorism and executive protection Expert. James' training and expertise has lead him to be one of the most sought after and respected Investigators in the industry. 

    We Get You Answers

    Discreet Investigations & Security is a leading private investigation and surveillance team in Toronto committed to delivering hard evidence and protecting you from espionage. Over three decades we have earned a reputation for conducting exceptional investigations. We are respected and trusted by individuals, adjusters and insurance companies, lawyers and law firms, and corporations.

    Our cutting-edge physical and digital investigations have a very high success rate for clients – a real trademark of our service. We work with an incredible team of investigators and surveillance experts. Our men and women have backgrounds in law enforcement, the military and corporate investigations. 

    Discreet Investigations partners with lawyers around the GTA specializing in family law, separation agreements, divorce representation, custody issues and real estate. Our investigators and clients have access to a wealth of insightful legal knowledge, expertise and resources. It’s a valuable benefit available to our clients – just another way we help you achieve more favourable results.


  • Message from the President & CEO

    My reputation is built on a foundation of trust, integrity and discretion, with all matters being kept 100% confidential. With over 30 years of experience in the Investigation & Security Industry and having served clients all over the world, you can trust the experienced team at Discreet Investigations.

    James M. Glanville