7 Ways Of Preventing Infidelity In a Marriage

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In modern-day marriages, infidelity has really become a thorn in the flesh. Difference in lifestyle, stress and work (most common) has been a great contributor of this. Spouses who work far away from each other are likely to have some infidelity. The main reason for infidelity is sexual fulfillment and satisfaction. However, the question remains, why are so many of us opting to look outside our wed locks for sexual and relational fulfillment?Although some individuals may tolerate infidelity in a marriage, the truth is that it can have some worse effects. It is therefore time we learned of the devastating effects of infidelity in marriage and work on ways to prevent it from occurring in a marriage. These effects not only befall the cheated spouse but also the cheater themselves and in the long run, it ends up to the children. Read through this article for an insight on how to prevent infidelity in a marriage.

Have More Sex

One of the main reasons why spouses cheat is because of not getting the sexual fulfillments they desire. An individual who has had sex can confirm that sex is not just physical as many people purport. For most men, it is the most ideal way of connecting and maintaining a high sense of intimacy. The number 1 reason why men cheat is because they are curious, and therefore it’s important to keep your sexual relationship fun and active.

Spend More Time Together

The amount of time couples spend together is also instrumental in having a good marriage. When off duty or during the weekends, take some time of your busy schedule and have fun away from home. Go to a restaurant or visit the beach for a recollection of your intimacy. For spouses, it is important to spend enough time together. We suggest finding an activity or a hobby that you can learn and work on together. This will give more purpose and meaning to your relationship. Spending a lot of time away from your spouse distances you from them and this may result into cheating.

Make Meaningful Connections

Apart from sex and time spent with other people, it is essential to make non-sexual and meaningful connections with each other. For instance, you can have some evening dates, taking a walk while talking or spending some time away from the kids. Irrespective of how busy your lives are, it is crucial that spouses make time for such connections as frequent as possible.

No Keeping Secrets

One of the main accelerators of infidelity is keeping secrets. Confiding in someone outside your marriage can be the first step towards infidelity. For that reason alone, it is important for spouses to make sure that they have no secrets lying between them. Let your spouse know things that you can tell some of your best friends. If you are experiencing some frustration in your marriage or feel hurt, it is always good to talk it out with your spouse before getting it to your friends. If you are afraid of talking it out with your spouse, look for a close friend who can initiate the process.

Maintain a Playful Spirit

If you discover that you are losing your fun, sexy side, it is time you got it back. Playing and laughing are the key aspects to high emotional intimacy. This in turn helps you build the safe and solid relationship you have always been craving for. Make time to be playmates so that you do not fall into the temptation of playing with someone else’s sandbox.

Choose your Partner Wisely

When you are looking for a partner, it is important to be honest with yourself about the kind of partner you are looking for. Avoid making excuses for petty issues such as flirting with co-workers, wandering eyes and so on. Once you have overlooked potential problems early enough and settle for other attributes, it will be difficult for you to complain when the potential problem turns out to be a big issue.

Be a Listening Partner

Listening is a key aspect in every marriage. By listening, you are able to show that you understand your partner well and have their interests at heart. When a spouse feels unheard, there is a likelihood that they will feel unloved, disrespected and unhappy. It is therefore advisable to set a few times in the week for both of you to just talk.

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