• Stalking & Harassment Investigations

  • What is Stalking?

    • A stalker can be a known or unknown person. Most times, it is an ex-partner who still wants control, cant seem to “let go” or wants to make the victim feel fear
    • Any of the following can constitute as stalking: repeatedly following you, repeatedly communicating with you, repeatedly watching you or threatening you.
    • Stalking causes great disruption at work and home for the victim. It also has the potential to affect their family, friends and coworkers

    Discreet Investigations will work with you and use a variety of tactics to help you identify your stalker. Our Investigators, with policing experience, will give you the piece of mind you need by intervening and bringing these criminals to justice.  

    All services are part of our comprehensive investigation program developed and implemented by our President James Glanville who is exceptionally qualified in the field. We are always prepared to effectively undertake any investigative assignment with all the integrity and professionalism you could expect from the top Toronto investigation company.

    At Discreet Investigations, we are dedicated to bringing you the best protection available in today’s challenging environment. To learn more about our services, please call 647-975-0193 or contact us via email.

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