• Stalking & Harassment Investigations

  • Stalking and harassment are crimes that are often ignored by law enforcement or just dealt with by those being harassed or stalked. This is a loosing battle as you will do nothing but incite a game response.

    Stalkers usually operate covertly, but are no match for uncover experts, such as Discreet Investigations. Our investigators will use a variety of tactics to find out who a stalker really is and where they are operating from. We will use surveillance tactics to keep watch over you, and your property, and will supplement this personal observation with high-tech security equipment, such as hidden video cameras, listening devices and home security systems.

    Whether you are a Company Executive, CEO, Professional Athlete, Red Carpet Celebrity or part of a Royal Family, Discreet Investigations has had the honor of protecting clientele from all over the globe. 

    Our president, James Glanville, has a renowned history of client satisfaction. Our agents strive to minimize our clients risks and threats allowing you to focus on achieving your own goals without having to worry about your security.

    As one of the leading Executive Investigation companies in Canada, we specialize in a broad selection of services:

    • Investigating stalkers
    • Personal Protection (family members)
    • Risk Assessments / Threat Assessments
    • Special Event Investigations

    All services are part of our comprehensive investigation program developed and implemented by our President James Glanville who is exceptionally qualified in the field. We are always prepared to effectively undertake any investigative assignment with all the integrity and professionalism you could expect from the top Toronto investigation company.

    At Discreet Investigations, we are dedicated to bringing you the best protection available in today’s challenging environment.To learn more about the benefits of our investigation consulting and risk assessment services, please call 647-975-0193 or contact us via email.

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