Do you suspect your spouse of cheating? Whether your concerns are based off of a gut feeling or noticeable changes in pattern and behaviour, we are here to help. Some common signs of a cheating spouse are: 

  • Change in attitude towards you 
  • Spouse distracted or uninterested in family activities
  • Unexplained hours away
  • Getting caught in lies
  • Hiding phone / Constantly sending and deleting text messages 
  • Changes in sexual behaviour 

Discreet Investigations has a team of highly trained specialists across the GTA and Ontario that are able to assist you with your needs. Our Investigations are very covert and allow us to monitor your partner through Undercover Surveillance and Real Time Tracking. While doing this we make sure to gather all the photos, videos, and audio critical to your case. We understand how stressful and upsetting these matters can be and will do everything in our power to get the answers you need.

If they’re cheating, we’ll catch them. Call the Experts now!