How Can a Private Investigator Help in Child Custody Proceedings?

11696462_mIn an ideal world, two people would fall in love, get married, have children and raise them in a loving home. In reality, a relationship is much more complex than that, and oftentimes couples get divorced or separated. When they do, the children are often affected more than either of the partners. Although many couples amicably decide on equal custody where the child spends time with both parents, there are still many custodial battles that rage in court. You might be wondering how a private investigator can help in child custody proceedings. Here’s how:


The Warning Signs of Infidelity

It can be an emotionally devastating experience when you first suspect that your spouse or partner is cheating on you. However, the peace of mind that you will ultimately get from the truth far outweighs the emotional torture from thinking of them possibly being with someone else. While it is never smart to jump to conclusions, and someone that you’ve been with for a long time usually deserves the benefit of the doubt, here are the warning signs of infidelity to help you make a more informed decision.


Divorces Due to Social Media on the Rise

Social media has changed the way the world works. Not only has it changed how we interact, purchase goods, consume entertainment, and advertise, but it has even changed the nature of human relationships. In the past, we did not have consistent access to conversations with one another discretely – distance and society simply made it impossible to talk to so many people without others knowing. Sadly, this has given cheaters a new avenue for being unfaithful as is evidenced by the number of divorces arising from social media interactions.


Hackers Release Data from Notorious Cheating Website

Dessing nicelyIt’s sad to know that some of the largest and most profitable sites on the web are dedicated to people looking to cheat on their spouse. Not only is it disturbing that people turn to the internet for this, but it is also telling of a greater trend in society. Although infidelity as we know it has been around since the beginning of marriage, new technologies have made it easier for people to go astray. Here is some more startling news from the recent hack of Ashley Madison.


7 Ways Of Preventing Infidelity In a Marriage


In modern-day marriages, infidelity has really become a thorn in the flesh. Difference in lifestyle, stress and work (most common) has been a great contributor of this. Spouses who work far away from each other are likely to have some infidelity. The main reason for infidelity is sexual fulfillment and satisfaction. However, the question remains, why are so many of us opting to look outside our wed locks for sexual and relational fulfillment? (more…)

10 Signs that your Husband is cheating on you

featured-imageIt is very human to feel insecure when your husband starts coming home late from work on a regular basis or continually breaks from his regular routine. At first, you think nothing of it. You have had a solid marriage. However, after the third time you may begin wondering if perhaps something is wrong. Your first instinct is to ask if there is a problem and 99% of the time he says there is not. How would you know for sure?