Background Checks are a way to stay safe and understand who you are coming in contact with. They can be done on anyone you may have concerns about such as an individual you just met, a significant other, potential business partner or employee or a potential family member.

In today’s world of online dating and social networking it has become easier for criminals to assume false identities. At Discreet Investigations we have the most up to date technology and databases that allow us to protect our clients from embarrassment, fraud and exposing themselves to liability and financial loss.

We are able to assist you with any concerns you may have about an Individual by uncovering and providing the following Information:

  • Previous Marriages 
  • Criminal Records / Convictions
  • Driver Licenses + Motor Vehicles
  • Assets / Real Estate 
  • Court Records
  • Bankruptcy Records
  • Corporation Records
  • Property Titles
  • Credit Bureau
  • Social Media

Whatever the situation may be, if it doesn’t feel right, call us right away!