Parental Abduction in Canada

In Canada, parental abduction is one of the most common reasons why children and adults go missing. This term specifically cites a parent who has taken, removed, or hidden a child from the other parent in a direct or indirect matter. For example, in a direct situation, a child may have been taken out of town or to a family member’s home in an attempt to isolate the child from the other parent. In a less direct case, a parent may keep a child for longer than they were supposed to, may extend a vacation on purpose or break custody agreements.

No matter the case, this is always a distressing situation. Parental child abductions are very scary, harmful and often traumatic for the child at risk, the parent on the run and the worried parent in search of them. It’s hard to learn to trust again after a situation like this and it can have a significant impact on everyone involved but many have survived this situation and have moved on with strength.  

Conducting a thorough search

It’s important to know that to resolve a situation like this, it takes acting quickly and a deep and thorough search. Parental child abduction is a serious matter and you must use resources to aid your search. Calling the police, hiring a private investigator (PI) and using communication tools like the web and the help of local institutions are all ways you can maximize the search and be an advocate for the situation at hand. 

A private investigator has access to a number of resources like the police but most importantly has far more time to look into the details surrounding your case. This personalized approach brings results to the table faster to reunite parents with their missing children.

Taking care of yourself

The truth is, you will need to be strong and prepare for when your child comes home. Make sure to rest as much as possible; stay with a close friend or parent and to take care of yourself. Depending on the length of the abduction, your child may experience confusion; anxiety and betrayal or they may even feel like they were the ones that caused this to happen. We highly suggest after a situation like this that you ensure that your child is psychologically sound, unharmed and ready to move on from this situation.

When faced with a situation like this, the more help you can get, the better. Please contact us today if you suspect that you have a case of parental child abduction. The earlier we begin to work with your case, the faster we can yield results.







What to Do if Your Child Has Run Away

Did you know that the year with the greatest number of missing children in Canada was 2013? There were 41,035 reports filed that year to the RCMP and 73% of these missing children were made up of runaway children. Having a child runaway is an emotionally crippling situation. If you are experiencing this, here is a step-by-step guide on what to do to keep the situation under control.

Gather Information

The first thing to do is to put together as much information as possible to direct an efficient search by the authorities or a private investigator (PI). The first 48 hours are crucial in the search and largely determines its success.

  • Search their bedroom
  • Contact friends, school or where they work
  • Think about their routine
  • Think of places they go to when they’re upset
  • Try and place yourself in their frame of mind
  • Look for signs of suicide
  • Signs of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Consider why they would run away (abuse, divorce, death in the family, financial worries, problems at school etc.)

Children often end up in youth shelters, at a friend or significant other’s place, or out on the streets. Check these places in the area and contact local hospitals to make sure they are okay.

Understand why they ran away

If a child runs away after something has happened, it means it isn’t a consistent pattern but your child’s natural strategy to solve the problem in that moment. It’s more likely your child will come home as long as they feel accepted and ready to face the situation.

Chronic running away is used as a power tactic over the family to perpetuate high risk acting out and manipulation. This is when a child is acting from very deep wounds as a true cry for help. If your child could be possibly doing this, it is important to understand that they are not running away to solve a problem but to make a bigger one they can use to their advantage.

Hire a private investigator

Working with the police and a private investigator has far more advantages than working with just the police. The police have access to a number of resources but sometimes their personnel are stretched too thin. A PI will focus on your missing child to diligently piece together their whereabouts with the given information. They also have access various sources of information and generally work without any distractions.

If you or someone you know is dealing with a missing child’s case, please get in touch with us immediately so we can bring your child back home to safety.